About Us

Who We Are

Zharbiz is engaged in the production of multiple types of building and integrates green renewable energy technologies. We innovate lifestyles that cater for the needs of the modern family, deliver homes and communities that fulfill the hopes and dreams of the people.


Zharbiz vision is to build eco-friendly sustainable communities. Using the latest technologies in solar power, waste to energy, water purification and pre-frabricated houses.


To provide eco-friendly, green renewable energy and pre-crafted houses to improve the quality of life.

Zharbiz Consortium

  • Zharbiz Consortium is highly specialized consulting services for complete waste and energy solutions that will enhance strengths as well as mitigate vulnerabilities in the energy plan set forth by communities and businesses.
  • Our consortium has over 15 years of experience in providing Zero Land field Solution/ renewable energy needs and strategy.
  • Custom integration with an existing system or a complete turnkey solution from the ground up.

Our Partners