About Us

Who We Are

Zharbiz International and Aarogya JCH is an Eastwood City, Philippines based advisory firm specializing in Government, private sector projects along with operations in Renewable Energy, Education, Printing, Entertainment, Commodity Trading and Innovative Technology Base Development and Service Orientated Organization.

Its provide uncompromised inclusiveness in Socially Conscious Business.

The firm has a global presence aided by an experienced team of professionals with focus on Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

We, at Zharbiz have established a team to ensure that our service is delivered with the highest standards.

Zharbiz proactive ways provide value to our clients by mitigating challenges caused due to unforeseen issues, articulating them and mapping out a service plan to address all such challenges, while planning and creating the road maps for the client’s future needs. Our seasoned professionals have in-depth experience in a broad range of industries. Our approach for each project is carefully analysed and examined by our team in a global context.

Our management team and affiliates endeavour in expanding the business with sustainability. Our company is formed with solid financial resources and intelligence of experienced personnel which translates our strength into quick and successful execution strategy.

This approach provides more options for our clients and makes it easier for them to do business with us across the globe.

Zharbiz International is a Philippine based advisory firm with a global outlook and strong international partner’s relationships.