Claned ZharBiz is the easiest way to build learner-centric and cost-effective online courses that users love.

Choosing Claned ZharBiz means you truly want to inspire learners and design their learning the Finnish way. We know how to boost learner engagement with social features, analytics and artificial intelligence.

That is why you will succeed with us.

Claned ZharBiz applies artificial intelligence and learning research, revealing what factors impact individual learning. The product concept is based on years of academic research, and has been developed in collaboration with leading educational institutions.

Claned ZharBiz is designed to capture data on every interaction students make with the system. Interactions occur when students read, write, collaborate, organize and plan – everything that students do. This results in a comprehensive insight that demonstrates the student’s study performance and learning orientation, but also motivation, emotion and stress levels. 

Claned ZharBiz returns the data back to teachers and education providers through Learning Analytics in a graphical easy to understand form in real-time.

 "Educators can act upon the real time knowledge"