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ZHARBIZ INTERNATIONAL, INC. - “Building Communities”

For families across the world aspiring to own their own homes, Zharbiz will help them to realize their dreams within a week. Our Pre-Crafted homes can be installed in just days on site. The modular houses are made off site, with highly durable materials, using cutting edge technologies, at a cost much lower than conventional construction.

It's not just housing, our modular design includes solutions for hospitals, schools, community and arts centres, hotels, malls, workspaces, warehouses, toilets and numerous other applications that allow us to not only deliver housing, but an entire self-sufficient community including roof-top solar panels and solar water heaters, water purification systems, sewage treatment systems and solar powered LED street lights, that can provide workspaces for modern day digital workers. Today the Philippines has a shortage of 6 million homes. 300 million families globally are living in substandard housing or are homeless. By 2025, an additional 100 million families will need housing. At Zharbiz, we are determined to meet this challenge by supplying quality houses in tens of thousands. By providing fully functional communities with jobs, training, education, medical facilities and an infrastructure that allows residents to commute to their workplace in under an hour, we believe what we offer is a complete turnkey operation at an affordable cost.

Our first showroom, based in Fairview, Metro Manila, The Philippines (800 square meters location), will officially open in April 2018 with 3 Pre-Crafted modular homes including solar panels to provide electricity, solar water heater and LED lighting.
We are in discussions with a number of government agencies and private sector developers, both locally and internationally, to offer our solution to this global problem. Zharbiz will be a global leader in this field and will help fulfil the housing dreams of families across the world.