Who We Are

Zharbiz is engaged in the production of multiple types of building for residential and commercial usage. The company employs the latest building techniques and systems, such as structural insulation board and thin-walled light steel to manufacture the pre-crafted house which is sturdy and durable, energy saving, economical and developed sustainably. We innovate lifestyles that cater for the needs of the modern family and deliver homes and communities that fulfill the hopes and dreams of the people who will call this home.


Through development for nearly 50 years, pre-crafted building methods have reached standards as high and in many cases higher than many conventional build- ing methods. Today pre-crafted building is accepted globally as a cost effective and time saving method for social, government and private sector housing. Simplicity, safety and innovation are the future of integrated building. Compared with traditional building methods, integrated building has unparalleled advantages. Standardized, modular and universal production, allow for rapid assembly, greatly reducing the construction period, simplifying building houses and economizing on manpower and financial resources. Compared with the traditional construction method of reinforced concrete, the integrated building is an innovation whose pre-crafted concept will overtake traditional construction and become the developer’s choice for future green developments.